A few years ago, AMP (the audiovisual company ran by Gilles SALLE, previously settled in Les Sables d’Olonne in France) acquired Visual Tv (owning the most critical TV studios in Paris). This move allowed them to become a known player on the French audiovisual market, while still being an outsider.

By merging both entities, they created a unique brand named “Amp Visual Tv” by merely mixing both visual identities. It worked for years because the two brands needed recognizing inside their network. When the company became a group and grew at the international level, the goal wasn’t the same anymore.

How to develop a bold international branding relying on the core values and the vision of the company?


The creation of a new branding included managing the development of a brand-new website and relied on this new platform to integrate new features to enhance the relationship with the worldwide collaborators, the partners, etc. This website required to be responsive on a web design point of view, especially since the sales representatives were equipped with tablets to pitch.

Also, it was an excellent opportunity to revamp the entire line of marketing materials (print and digital) about the production resources, including the need to generate new 3-D renders of the OB trailers and the studios, adding an updated photography database, and technical features. It was also necessary to rewrite the entire services offering.

This project was an opportunity to connect every team being part of the company working together on a significant purpose. As the project owner, I acted as the “bridge” between them, smoothing as possible the relationship and the communication to gather all the information and the improvements needed.


All started by creating a new logo. A hard task, permitting the company to understand its influence on the market. Here were the guidelines: bold, colorful, recognizable, and with a touch of symbolic. That’s how we ended after a year of iteration with this beautiful AMP VISUAL TV version, surrounded by the most official symbol of the audiovisual market, the focus movement drawn by the lenses in action.

A line of more than 90 new product sheets has been designed by myself using Adobe Illustrator to produce the source files. Coordinated in collaboration with the CTO, we gathered for the 1st time the most recent technical information about the studio/OB trailers’ equipment. By creating all the new 3-D renders using Sketchup, saving costs, it allowed us to become agile without relying on an outsourced agency to modify them on purpose.

The most challenging part was to organize the mobile resources photo shoots. Knowing the OB trailers were on the road heading to Russia, Africa, South America or everywhere in France, scheduling a come back in Paris or Les Sables d’Olonne was something. After two years, I released a database of more than 500 photographies taken with a Canon 550 DSLR + 50mm-1.8 Lens, organized by keywords and quality.

Old website

New website

The website on itself has been designed in collaboration with Zephyr Agency (in France), relying on my mockups and the user interface (UI) I intended to provide a unique and practical user experience (UX). Based on  Joomla, this new bilingual and corporate website benefit from the agility of this Content Management Software, allowing me to keep for a while the old Intranet (used daily by the HR team).

Even though the website front-end and back-end have been optimized during the development process, It was essential to apply an SEO strategy by providing and using keywords opportunities content-wise, increasing the number of quality backlinks based on AMP VISUAL TV clients (I manage to obtain a strong backlink from one of the French government website “”), etc.

On the storytelling end, tremendous work needed to be done to enhance the political and strategic aspects of the Group. Relying on the 3 AMP VISUAL TV’s vital components which are Human Resources, Technical Resources, and Innovation, I developed a powerful storytelling leading to show the values and the vision to convince talents and customers to be part of this fantastic audiovisual adventure.

From a local company AMP VISUAL TV became an international player and recently bought his main competitor Euromedia, making it the European Leader on the Audiovisual Market.