On one side, consumers have difficulties to find and book creative (DIY) workshops because a global offering doesn’t exist yet. On the other end, B2B customers (shops, brands, conventions and special events) have difficulties in branding and selling their creative workshops directly to their target. That’s why, in 2015, I created YEARN.

Core target is 25-35 years old woman allowing $100 budget monthly to the creative and DIY budget. I also relied on the most accurate market studies which helped us to refine why each persona is practicing DIY:

  1. Save money
  2. Learn new technics
  3. Establish a lifestyle
  4. Improve their mindset
  5. Feel the pleasure to do it themselves
  6. Live from their creative passion
  7. Share their passion with a community


As the project owner of the digital marketplace Yearn, I managed the development with the agencies Cogniter (CodeIgniter’s editor) and GingerMinds (French digital marketing agency). The service has been developed using the PHP framework CodeIgniter (back-end) and HTML5/CSS3 (front-end). Later, I hired Charlotte to handle front-end development and improve the service based on customer needs.

Based on the B2B desires, the service has been mutated into a Software as a Service (SaaS), allowing us to provide the best solution, updated in real time. Keeping in mind that the B2B customers weren’t used to any software solutions, to avoid any frictions, it has been essential to design a straightforward UX/UI.

DEMO: Booking a workshop

DEMO: Responsive web design

DEMO: Adding a workshop

DEMO: Admin Overview


Brand Creation & Visual Identity

To develop a simple but strong visual identity, I used flat design to enhance a meaningful word instead of a visual pictogram alone. It allowed us to create a bold branding recognizable. The cutting edges of the letter “y” are there to highlight the craft idea. Because of the core target are women between 25-35 years old, interested in a very girly universe, choosing a rounded font was an obvious choice.

Brand Awareness

There are more than 150,000 blogs all over the world talking about Do it Yourself. That’s why I launched, a fully digital magazine to delight our visitors and facilitated the transit between the DIY thematics. In fact, someone who loves cooking can also be pleased with decoration.

It allowed me to deeply understand the consumer behaviors and the market evolutions to design the marketplace better. The entire editorial was built around the idea that the magazine isn’t there only to entertain, but mainly to qualify visitors into customers. So, where to find them and how to catch them?

Attracting a large panel of organic visitors without any budget needed to applicate some SEO tricks. Using a long tail keywords strategy was the best solution to develop a universe of 850 blog posts mapped and webbed together, increasing at the same time the overall ranking of the digital magazine, without being in direct competition with the most important websites.

Lead Generation & Email Automation

Each post contained a specific call-to-action, depending on the thematic the visitors were interested, to convert them into prospects. Using a split tested opt-in form was the best option to increase the conversion rate and subscribe a lot more people to the mailing list.

Relying on Mailchimp, I built an automated editorial to nurture the subscribers until they were ready to be redirected with a great offer directly to the marketplace to consume or gift creative workshops.